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This Documentry The Raise Of Of John Cena is a collection of best moments in johncenas wrestlinglife which made a big impact to his Pro Wrestling career, The videos covers the beginning of cenas wwe career and the fueds he had with some of the legends of pro wrestling history, no matter what evey one says cena has been one of the successful faces in wwe history, This collection of videos is a tribue to the man with the moto HUSTLE, LOYELTY & RESPCT.
Most of this collection is from Network & Some VHS Rips, so beginning is upscaled 720p hd. Ive combined the 19 segments in the collection and split them as 5 for easy viewing ( due to dailymotion length restrictions 5 is the minimum i can break out of 4hr 13min video )

If you got extra money & If you are a wrestling fan kindly subscribe to your favorite wrestling networks atleast once in 3 months in order to support your favorite superstars, If you got nothing you can always request me to upload ur favorite shows, Enjoy :).


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The Rise of John Cena Intro.mp4
01.It Starts with a Prototype.mp4
02.A Rivalry Begins.mp4
03.An Early Taste of Gold.mp4
04.A Ruthless Debut.mp4
05.No Respect Intended.mp4
06.Breaking Down the Walls.mp4
07.A Different Set of Skills.mp4
08.Challenging The Next Big Thing.mp4
09.Battling The Beast.mp4
10.The Deadmans Yard.mp4
11.Three Men and an Opportunity.mp4
12.The Show of Shows.mp4
13.An American Champion.mp4
14.Whos The Best.mp4
15.No Escaping Destiny.mp4
16.Facing The Chief of Staff.mp4
17.The Great Debate.mp4
18.The Champ Is Here.mp4